Caution: Hiring Developers? Watch out for These Blunders!

The secret of success lies in on boarding the right talent for your online business. And, when I say talent, I mean an individual who isn’t prepared to hustle with you. Today, software development market is at the boon of evolution. You see more emerging technologies coming to the forefront each day! And you just want to integrate it all to your businesses.

Left alone, the thrill of technology, there are more attributes involved. You want to beat your competitors on the market, gain a unique strategy to sell out products/service, make your business sustain or maybe just because you want to try something new.

Well, computer technology is more like a Classical Nahuatl for entrepreneurs. It puts them, more or less, in a situation with a geeky nerd like Jesse Eisenberg from “The Social Network”. When you already have a lot on your plate, why in the blue hell would you want to go through all the hassles of intense researching and brainstorming? Right! You are more or less interested in the end product…

First off, when you talk about software development, it is a quite diversified spectrum. There are plenty of shops out there such as Magento Shop, PHP Shop, Java Shop, iOS Shop, Android Shop, and a lot more. You may not be the expert so get yourself a technical partner who can help you pick out the right resource for you.

Don’t Pick a Software Developer Based Just on Price Quotations

Don’t always on-board a software developer just because they show you years of experience and ask you to pay more than you can afford. It’s not always the best choice. Although, software developers don’t come cheap, but high price doesn’t always mean that you are bringing the right one on board.

There should be more…

Ask for a sample work that they may have done for a previous client! Ask them about technology areas that they have worked in! Ask them to show you some of their work that is gaining success on the market.

As they say, your first impression is the last impression, so if they give you their best… It means you got the right one in the bag!

Never Hire Someone Who Lacks Creativity

They say, if you are not creative, no matter how many times you try, you will always fail to make the perfect masterpiece. What your design needs is intuition and versatility. It’s because you want your software product to stand out in the market.

Uniqueness is what shapes the USP of your product/service. It’s how your customers will identify your service/product among similar ambiguities. It takes time and patience and market observation! But, once you got all that in the box, it’s time to give the world something new.

The creativity will talk only if you have the right resource to produce it! Else, what’s the point, ideas come to every individual at a rate of 42 thoughts per minute.

Can Your Software Developer Make it Simple

Some designs are hard to code, as sophisticated as they look like. It is not always necessary that what you communicate is delivered exactly the way you expect it to be! So, basically, what you really need for your web project is a simple design.

Find a software developer or software development agency that holds proficiency in creating sophisticated and basic designs for your software projects.

Track Credential! Don’t Just Move in for the Kill!

One of the many mistakes that most recruiters do while on-boarding a freelance software developer or a website development agency is not going through the credentials of their resource. You need to check whether it is true that what they have to offer is really a piece of cake they can handle.

In order to get on the same page, it is a good practice that company recruiters should redirect clients to the technical department so the client-side is fully satisfied with all the questions that they have in mind. Also, at times, prior achievements and awards can shine light on the web development agencies reputation on the market.

Speed is Your Enemy Here!

Though, we have heard that the fastest to the finish line is the first. Well, that’s not the case at the development edge. The story is a whole lot different! It’s because development requires steadiness and coherence. Your designer, software developer, tester and other resources involved have to come down on the same page when it comes to application design.

Therefore, it is extremely important that one should consider the time span inquired to complete the respective project. Therefore, if some claims that they can provide you a guaranteed 100% solution to your problem in just a week or two; you should better skip this one because they seriously don’t know much about the ecosystem.

Don’t Work with A Lousy Prick!

Yeah, it’s difficult to work with a hard nut to crack! Though, if he gets you the end result you desire… He is your person. Professionalism is not about having soft communication skills or everlasting talks, but it’s more about how knowledgeable your resource is.

Whenever you are opting to bring on board a software developer, make sure he is intellectual alongside being just interactive. You need someone who can get on the same page as you are! Someone who can understand what you are looking for.

Ideas don’t come cheap! It’s extremely necessary that you pitch them to people who are interested to follow you. You want people who can create something that is worthwhile for your business, get the right people to get the job done. You have been gifted with a beautiful mind, make sure to expense it someplace where it can be valued! Somewhere people can give you a due credit for… Someone who wills to understand and make it possible for you.

With that said, I am signing off for the day! Have a nice one.

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